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Because Kids Don't Come with Instructions

Things to do in October

We offer ideas and suggestions for fun, healthy, low cost activities that can entertain and engage your whole family! Many of the ideas below can become family traditions and habits that your family will ask for again and again!

Enjoying the Outdoors on Warm & Sunny Days

~ Fall leaves are almost as colorful as a new box of crayons - take a walk and name the colors. Maybe even take some fallen leaves home to make into colorful decorations!

~ These warm and sunny outside days are coming to an end. Take advantage by playing outside as much as you can. Go play at the park; watch the geese flying south; watch the river flow under the bridge. Anything outside is good!

~ If you have a yard, then you have fall yard chores to do. Let your little ones help out. Child-sized rakes can be found at many local big box stores and even at local nurseries. Always remember how nice it is to feel like you are helping and let your children learn that feel-good feeling by helping you do real work.

~ How about a bike ride? Put you little ones in a trailer with their helmets on and head out!

~ The Chippewa Valley area has apple orchards, pumpkin patches and corn mazes in abundance. Head to your favorite or check on-line for a new one to visit.

Play and Activities for Rainy Days

~ When it's just too cold and wet for your child (or you!) to be outside, why don't you think about heading to the Eau Claire Sports center. Their family fun zone is only $4.00 a child, and adults are free. It's a fun way to get the wiggles out.  http://www.ecsportscenter.com/activities/family-fun-zone/

~ All of those fall leaves that you collected on your walk will keep their vibrant colors if they are protected from the air. A contact paper envelope is a perfect way to protect and display fall leaves. Or, put one leaf each in plastic zip-top sandwich bags and tape them to the window to act as fall-themed sun catchers.

~ Library, library, library! Many community libraries have evening hours and some even have weekend programing for young children.

~ Local YMCA's and the Bloomer Area Aquatic and Recreation Center all offer open swimming for children and their parents. Costs seem to be quite low and YMCA offers reduced cost family memberships to some residents.

~ The Eau Claire Children's Museum is a fantastic investment for families with young children. Ask about the reduced cost membership for families who qualify for SNAP, Badger Care, and WIC.

Busy Parent / Happy Child Activities to Plan:

With just a few minutes of planning, a busy adult can plan and prepare an engaging stimulating activity that your child will be happy to explore on their own. We're not promising that your child will be entertained for hours - maybe long enough to make a phone call!

~ It's time to make a new batch of pumpkin spice play-dough! Here's my favorite https://www.yourmodernfamily.com/pumpkin-pie-play-dough-diy/

~ Have you taught your 3 year-old to sew on buttons yet? He can do it! Let him have an embroidery needle - one that's not super sharp - and an old flour sack dish cloth. You might have to tie the knot at the end of the thread and demonstrate  a couple of times, but after that, you'll have buttons galore sewn onto your dishcloth!

~ Toy catalogues are on the way. Let your little one peek at all of them, armed with a marker. Ask her to circle what she loves and cross out what she would like least. It will keep her busy and give you insight to pass on to Santa Clause.

~ We're just about to be closed up indoors for the winter. A good housecleaning is in order. Let your little one use the feather duster to gently dust all of the picture frames and shelves. It's valuable work and he will feel proud to have helped make his home lovely.