River Source Family Center

Because Kids Don't Come 
                            with Instructions


This program is for families who:

Have a child ages newborn to 5 years old • Live in Chippewa County • Are willing to meet with Parent Educators 1, 2,or 4 times per month!

Home visits, office visits, and/or virtual visits (phone or on Zoom)


When your family participates in Bright Starts you will:

♥  Learn about your child's growth & development

♥  Turn your child's everyday experiences into fun-filled learning opportunities

♥  Create an eager learner who is ready for school

♥  Learn ways to build strong relationships with your child

♥  Connect with a Public Health Nurse & promote healthy children through education & community resources


What does Bright Starts S.M.I.L.E. stand for?

S  Social-emotional

M  Motor development

I  Intellectual development

L  Language development

E  Early health & well being

**ALL families are welcome!

River Source Family Center and Chippewa County Public Health Nurses are working together to make sure 

every child is thriving with a smile!